Meeting Excellence
Producing Flawless Events
  Meetings, events, conventions, and retreats represent a $95 billion dollar industry that continues to grow. Despite the cutbacks that many businesses are facing, they are still in need of professionals who can create an exciting and memorable experience.

    The Professional Meeting and Event Planner must be aware of current trends, cost-effective resources, and customer service strategies to stay competitive and grow their business, or to be a partner in their organization's vision and goals.  Core content, delivery systems, technology and event marketing together with budget control, vendor selection and contract negotiations are all skills that the Professional Event Planner brings to the table.

    Meeting Excellence provides these skills and experience, either as a team member to work beside your own staff offering training and support so they can learn on the job, or as an added resource to take on tasks requiring more expertise or knowledge of the meetings industry.

    Working with non-profit associations and corporations, we can make the difference between just an event and a GREAT event.



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